Mom and dad's cabin in the mountains. . .
a work in progress -
June 2014
Today's project -
The Big back door gets installed
foundation  . . . and the view to the west (out the front door)
Let's start over there. . .  
The view from the front door - (that's rain out there)
The door is in place, the windows are installed just above and there's a
very creative latch system . . .
now if I could just get those pictures in here you could see them too.

I'm working on it.

-Tom the second
It doesn't rain every day - I was checking out the panorama mode on my new
 phone - this shot is unaltered
The video section will be added shortly.
Here is a short slideshow that I'm not
quite done with.  . .(still working on it)
wanted to see if the new software is
The house is done.
I'll have a gallery up after my next trip up